Sylvester5 - 2016

In a few weeks we will update the Sylvester5 - 2016 website with recent information.

Subscription will be possible from july 1st 2016!

Final standings

Standings after 2 days...

At the RESULTS-page, you can find the results for each day and the standings after 2, 3, 4 and 5 days

Last information!

Dear Sylvester5-2015 participant,

Please find here some important information in one page, which you also will find in your clubenveloppe.

Take again a short look at the starting scheme and the parkingscheme for day 1

Attention Day 1 - Parking - Kattevenia

Due to the unforeseen limited amount of free parking spaces on the day of the competition, only W/M +70 and Families with toddlers will be allowed to the previously foreseen parking. All other participants will be parked on parking 2 and 3, these are respectively 600 up to 750 m away from the Competition Centre on an easy Walk/Bycicle road.

Starttimes Sylvester5 - 2015 online

Nice awards on Sylvester 5-days

The first 3 of each category after 5 days get a nice award, partially sponsored by O-crew. The winner of each category also gets a coupon for buying some material with O-crew, also partially sponsored by O-crew. We want to thank O-crew for this sponsorships.

Welcome at the Sylvester5-2015 event

Dear orienteering-friends,

VVO and the organizing clubs welcome you at the Sylvester5-2015 event. 

The important information is available and entries are open.

This year we don't count each result from 5 days, but we take the best 4 results to make the final standings.

So you can make one mistake, have one bad day or a day off.

We hope we can welcome a lot off foreign friends.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information at


Welcome on the website of the "Sylvester 5-days 2015"

Within a few days we will publish some more information about the Sylvester5-2015.